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Walther GSP 22 Expert Target Pistol

898.000 Ft
Cikkszám: FMWGSP
Raktárkészlet 1: Rendelhető

· The GSP Expert trigger can be adjusted as needed from 1000 to 1360 g
· Moveable barrel weights (2 x 17 g) compensate for recoil
· The GSP is renowned for its reliability with many kinds of ammunition 100,000 units have been sold

Shot:  5 shot(s)
Trigger Weight:  1000 (adjustable to 1360) g
Weight: 1200 g

Barrel length  115 mm
Dimensions (L/H/W)  295/142/50 mm 




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Our best seller. The world’s most popular sporting pistol, always a leader owing to advanced technology. Reliable performance thanks to improved barrel geometry and a vibration-absorbing plastic sleeve. Sights are positioned closer to the wrist, which reduces aiming errors. The grip is optimally adapted to the shooter’s hand. Nitro-carbonized breech reduces friction of breech movement even in rapid firing. Perfect tuning between shooter, pistol and ammunition is possible by means of the newly developed recoil absorber. Grip is available in a right-handed or left-handed version. There are three different grip sizes (S/M/L), ensuring an ideal fit for every shooter.

· Quick caliber change .22 l.r. / .32 S&W "Two calibers, one gun“

Dimensions (L/H/W)  295/142/50 mm